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Fire insurance covers damage or loss to a property because of fire. It is a specific form of insurance in addition to homeowner’s insurance, and it covers the cost of replacement and repair or reconstruction above what the property insurance policy covers. Fire insurance policies cover damage to the property, and may also cover damage to nearby structures, personal property and costs because of not having the capacity to live in or use the property if damages occur.

MOTOR INSURANCE (Private Auto / Commercial Auto)

A motor insurance is a policy purchased by vehicle owners to mitigate costs associated with getting into an auto accident. Instead of paying out of pocket for auto accidents, people pay annual premiums to an auto insurance company; the company then pays all or most of the costs associated with an auto accident or other vehicle damage.



An insurance product designed to cover the costs and reduce the risk associated with unexpected events during domestic or international travel. Travel insurance usually covers the insured the following categories: Personal Accident Protection, Medical Coverage & Travel Inconvenience.


A wide-range of personal accident plan to ensure that you and your family are financially covered through if an accident or illness happens. With personal accident plan it eases the financial burden protecting you against loss of income, medical expenses and other worries that an accident can bring.


Golfer's Insurance is specially designed to meet your needs as a golfer. It covers you if you are accidentally injured while playing golf, or if your golf equipment gets damaged or lost. We provide you with worldwide coverage at any golf course or driving range, so you can enjoy your game with peace of mind wherever you are.


Helps you manage the growing risk of identity fraud crimes, including online fraud, credit card fraud and email scams.

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